What is Tarot?

Admit it – You are curious…..

Who isn’t?   Everyone wants to know about the future.

Tarot is an ancient tool used in metaphysics to help us understand information about ourselves.  It brings to light  a confirmation of things that you have probably always known (your own inner wisdom).  It may even add a new perspective to a question or problem.

We all look for guidance  in our day to day lives.  For example we look to the 5 day weather forecast to see what to expect during the week.  We listen to traffic reports when we have to travel.  Some of us check our daily horoscopes.  Many of us turn to our faith in a higher power to get inspiration and guidance through prayer.

The Tarot reveals what is really happening below the surface of events around us.  The 78 cards in the Tarot deck represent every element in life.  Our emotions, our material world, our mental thoughts, and our creativity.

The most common question or concerns that my first time clients have when they make their first appointment is, “You aren’t going to tell me I’m gonna die right”  Or “I don’t want to know bad things”.  I will say in answer to these comments, that when I read your Tarot cards, I am reading your energy as it stands on the day of the reading.  Yes, I can see things that may occur in the future, if you remain on this current path that you are currently on.  No I do not predict death, and I tell you what I see, however, I do know how to filter this information and guide you.  Remember too that the information that you receive during a reading comes directly from your Spirit Guides and/or Guardian Angels…so if they feel you should not know certain information, then it will not be shown.

So instead of waiting passively for life to happen to you, leaving you to react to events and emotions without fully understanding or appreciating what is going on around you, you can use the guidance from a Tarot reading to enhance your experience and become an active participant in your life.

Here at Your Healing Path, Tarot readings are an important tool used to help our clients with all sorts of healing.  Healing from failed relationships, to decisions regarding new careers.

So if you or anyone you know would like to try this ancient tool to glimpse into the future or confirm your own intuition, call us today.

Current pricing for readings are:

$35 for 20 minutes; $60 for 40 minutes; $90 for 60 minutes.

During the month of February, we are offering a special on Tarot and Reiki.  You can experience a 20 minute Tarot card reading, followed by a 20 minute Reiki session for $50.  This offer is good from February 1st to February 28, 2019 only.  Appointments are required.  Call, text or email us today to schedule yours.


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