Essential Oils and Wellness

There is more to essential oils then their pleasant smells and soothing effects.  Essential Oils have been used for their health benefits for hundreds of years.

These benefits include:   Supporting and strengthening the immune system,  reducing stress and anxiety,  Increases mental focus and improving brain function,  alleviates aches and pains,  improves skin conditions,  aids in digestion,  balances hormones,  lower cortisol levels,  and boosts energy levels.

The most important factor in essential oil use is the quality of the oil.  As a Aromatherapy Practitioner, I only recommend and use high quality oils in my practice.  Young Living is one of the few companies that I support as a high quality essential oil company.

For the month of April, we are offering Raindrop Technique Sessions at a discounted price.  ($45, normally $60).  Raindrop Technique is a Young Living Technique using a sequence of oils for rejuvenating and balancing the mind and body.  You come away feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Contact us to book your Raindrop session today.

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