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What are the Chakras

Maybe you’ve heard of them….THE CHAKRAS!  But what are they and how do they effect my health and well being?

The Chakras date back to ancient India and the Hindu yogis.  The word Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that translates to wheel.  Life is energy and the Chakras are all about energy.  They are spinning vortexes of energy, located along the spine from the base to the crown.  There are 7 main Chakras and each one is responsible for a different perception.  When a Chakra is blocked, or not balanced, it causes a ripple effect through out the body (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical).

Learning more about these amazing vortexes of energy can help you in your journey to healing.  Balancing these energy wheels can lead to less anxiety, less depression, a greater spiritual connection, and on the physical plane, balancing the chakras can alleviate pain and help you gain more balance in your overall well being.

If you want to learn more about these amazing energy wheels, join me for the Chakra workshop (date to be posted) or contact me for information on Chakra healing sessions and to make an appointment

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